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Expert Program in Cosmetology


Level 1 Foundation Course in Hair Dressing(5 Weeks) + Level 2 Advance Course in Hair Dressing(4 Weeks)

Theory, Introduction
familiar with equipments, facts, Hair distribution
Trichology,Composition, Hair structure, Hair Root
Hair shaft, Hair growth cycle, product knowledge
Head shapes & Face shapes
Theory, Hair growth pattern, Hair analysis, types of hair,
Hair disorder, Hair Hair terminology
– Shampoo & Conditioning Blow Dry Theory, Demo & Practicals
– Thermal setting
– Irorning & Tonging – Theory, Demo & Practicals
– One length haircut – Theory, Demo and Practicals
– Forward graduation haircut – Theory, Demo and Practicals
– Natural inversion haircut – Theory, Demo and Practicals
– Square layers haircut – Theory, Demo and Practicals
– Gents basic haircut – Theory, Demo and Practicals
– Scissor over comb – Theory, Demo and Practicals
– Colour theory, Law of colour, primary secondary tertiary,
complementary colour, level system, eye & skin analysis, client
consultation, patch test, hydrogen peroxide.
Colour selecting, colour Mixing, colour application Procedure
– Root Touch up – Theory, Demo & Practical
– Global colouring – Theory, Demo & Practical
– Head Massage – Theory, Demo & Practical
-Hairstyling – Theory, Demo & Practical
Bridal, Puff, Braids/Pony, Bun

HAIR LEVEL 2 – Content
– V- Haircut – Theory, Demo & Practicals
– Diamond haircut – Theory, Demo & Practicals
– Star layers haircut – Theory, Demo & Practicals
– Curly Hairs (Dry Hair cut) – Theory, Demo & Practicals
– Round layers – Theory, Demo & Practicals
– Female highlights- Theory, Demo & Practicals
– Male Model highlights – Theory, Demo & Practicals
– Hair Spa – Theory, Demo & Practicals
– Hairstyling on Dummy/Model
– Hot rollers – Theory, Demo & Practicals
– Velcro – Theory, Demo & Practicals
– Straightening- Theory, Demo & Practicals

Level 1 – Foundation Course in Makeup(5 Weeks)

– Course Introduction & outline
– Skin care essential with skin Theory
– Understanding Features, Tones, Textures
– Professional Hygiene
– Precaution reading contagious diseases
– Essential tools & supplies along with Accessories
– Care, maintenance of of Tools & Makeup
– PRO’s setting up work station & kit
– Colour wheel
– Product Knowledge
– Corrector & Concealer
– Base & Foundation
– Skin Theory & Colour wheel theory with
individual skin type, tones & textures
– Powder/Matt skin nish
– Business
– Standard Highlightening
– Standard coloring
– Eyebrows dening
– Eyeliner & its type
– XXXXX eyeliner (Types of attractive eyes)
– Designing Eye Makeup
– Eye Makeup – (Smokey, Dueltone, Halo, Foxy
Contoured , Blended)
– Fake Eyelashes (Glue & Correct positioning)
– Lips – Enhancing, Corrections, Contouring, shaping
– Instagram- Cut Crease
– Children Makeup
– Nourished & Glowing Skin Look
– Darker Skin Tone Look
– Glam Look for Private Event
– Sunkissed Party Look
– Glam Bride Look
– Glowing Fresh Bride with Naturak Look
– Asian Bridal – 2 Types
– Makeup for Men
– Mattifying Makeup ( Matte Look)
– Draping techniques (Saree/Dupatta) style
– Hairstyles – (Bridal, Western)
– Accessories setting
– Social Media
– Business do’s & don’ts

CIDESCO Diploma in Beauty Therapy (6 Months)
Orientation (Introduction about CIDESCO, Class)
Professional Ethics
Health and safety
Business Studies/ commercial studies
Microbiology, health and hygiene and sterilization
Natural Science (physic, chemistry)
Chemistry (organic chemistry, cosmetic chemistry
Cosmetic science and cosmetic surgery
Physics (Heat therapy UV rays, infrared)
Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology
Skeletal System
Muscular System
Integumentary System
Skin Disease and Disorders
Nail Disease and Disorders
Nervous System
Circulatory system
Lymphatic System
Immune system
Respiratory System
Digestive System
Urinary System
Reproductive System
Endocrine system
Skin analysis and skin type
Body analysis
Body scrub and wrap
(face and body machines)
Galvanic (face and body)- Theory
High frequency (direct and indirect)
Faradic (face and body)- Theory
G5 (body)- Theory
Theory of massage
Ancillary services (eyebrow shaping,
eyelash Eyebrow tinting)
Manicure and pedicure
Hair removal
Diet and nutrition
Additional /specialized subject thesis
Iontopherosis- Demo & practicals
Disincrustation- Demo & practicals
Direct high frequency- Demo & practicals
Indirect high frequency- Demo & practicals
Vaccum- Demo & practicals
Faradic- Demo & practicals
Galvanic- Demo & practicals
Farradic- Demo & practicals
Vaccum- Demo & practicals
G5- Demo & practicals
Tinting shaping- Demo & practicals
Waxing- Demo & practicals
Manicure/Pedicure – Demo & practicals
Body scrub and wrap- Demo & practicals

Professional Course in Spa Therapy (4 Weeks)

Course Content
Health and Safety
Personal Grooming and Hygiene
Various Spa Therapies and Different Spa Brands
Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
Skeletal System
Muscular System
Introduction to SPA
Types of SPA,
Various SPA Therapies
Different SPA Brands
Client Handling and Etiquettes (Consultation)
Body Analysis
(Body types, Postural Defects, BMI)
Bed and Towel Settings
Room Setting
Foot Ritual
Theory of Massage
Swedish massage – Theory, Demo & Practicals
Deep Tissue Massage- Theory, Demo & Practicals
Balinese Massage- Theory, Demo & Practicals
1. Professional Course in Spa Therapy (4 Weeks)
Foot Reexology- Theory, Demo & Practicals
Thai Massage- Theory, Demo & Practicals
Body Scrub- Theory, Demo & Practicals
Body Wrap- Theory, Demo & Practicals

 Professional Course in Nail Art & extensions (4 Weeks)

Personal grooming
Health and safety
Professional Ethics
Nail Structure
Bones of Hands & legs
Nail disease and disorders
anicure & Pedicure theory
Demo of dry manicure and pedicure
Theory of nail extension (Gel and Acrylic)
Product knowledge
Knowledge of tools and implements Gel extension with inbuilt
nail art
Acrylic extension
Demo of 3d Nail art
Demo of Gel and Acrylic Relling

Professional Course in Salon & Spa Management (2 Months)

Business Plan
– Target market
– Business Target
– CapEx Allocation
– OpEx Allocation
– Sq. Ft Area Requirementlan
Survey (Close to the Property)
– Performing the Survey and Analysing reports
– Rent Agreements, Partnership Deed, Shop Act, IP/Name
Trade Mark Reg, Service Tax, VAT, Professional tax, TAN Number etc.
Project Plan
– ADVT Plan
– Product Planning
– Treatment Menu Plan
– Procurement Plan (Tools, Equipment etc)
Interior Contract, Vastu Compliance, Monitoring Cost,
Time and Scope of the project. Monitor Payment Schedule
& Delivery with Interior Decorator and Other Vendors as per Plan.
Before Launch Of the Salon After Launch Of the Salon
Staff Planning, Recruitment
advt, Interview, Contract,
Staff training (technical,
operational, Software)
Tools, Products, Equipments,
Decorative, Stationary,
(Laptops, printer etc etc),
Pre-Launch Advertising
Launch Plan, Invitations, Launch
Operational Processes
– Customer Lifecycle (customer walk-in to
– Client Proling & feedbacks
– Billing Process
– Client Follow ups
– Procurement, Inventory & Stock Check
– Staff Roll Over
– Accounting & Payroll Process
– Spa Management & Responsibility Matrix
– Software & Reporting
– Menu Planning & Periodic Updates
– Facility Management Processes
– Existing Product Used & their effectiveness
Marketing & Promotions
Marketing & Sales Processes & Channels
Bundling Offers & Promotions & tracking
success / effectiveness
Marketing & Promotions
– New Staff Requirement
– Exit Processes
– Training Plans
– Technical Capabilities of Therapists