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Professional Course in Salon & Spa Management (2 Months)

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Professional Course in Salon & Spa Management (2 Months)

Before Launch Of the Salon

Business Plan
– Target market
– Business Target
– CapEx Allocation
– OpEx Allocation
– Sq. Ft Area Requirementlan

Survey (Close to the Property)
– Performing the Survey and Analysing reports

– Rent Agreements, Partnership Deed, Shop Act, IP/Name
Trade Mark Reg, Service Tax, VAT, Professional tax, TAN Number etc.

Project Plan
– ADVT Plan
– Product Planning
– Treatment Menu Plan
– Procurement Plan (Tools, Equipment etc)

Interior Contract, Vastu Compliance, Monitoring Cost,
Time and Scope of the project. Monitor Payment Schedule
& Delivery with Interior Decorator and Other Vendors as per Plan.

Staff Planning, Recruitment
advt, Interview, Contract,

Staff training (technical,
operational, Software)

Tools, Products, Equipments,
Decorative, Stationary,
(Laptops, printer etc etc),

Pre-Launch Advertising
Launch Plan, Invitations, Launch

After Launch Of the Salon

Operational Processes
– Customer Lifecycle (customer walk-in to
– Client Proling & feedbacks
– Billing Process
– Client Follow ups
– Procurement, Inventory & Stock Check
– Staff Roll Over
– Accounting & Payroll Process
– Spa Management & Responsibility Matrix
– Software & Reporting
– Menu Planning & Periodic Updates
– Facility Management Processes
– Existing Product Used & their effectiveness

Marketing & Promotions
Marketing & Sales Processes & Channels
Bundling Offers & Promotions & tracking
success / effectiveness

Marketing & Promotions
– New Staff Requirement
– Exit Processes
– Training Plans
– Technical Capabilities of Therapists

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Professional Course in Salon & Spa Management

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