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Diploma in Beauty Therapy Course

  • ISAS
  • Diploma in Beauty Therapy Course
06 1

Diploma in Beauty Therapy Course

Course Content:

Personal grooming and hygiene

Health and safety

Professional ethics

Cytology (cells and tissue)

Skin structure

Types and functions of skin

Ph level of skin

Skin disease and disorder

Skin analysis

Bones and muscles of face

Lymphatic system

Basic product knowledge

Bones and muscles of hands and legs

Nail structure

Nail disease and disorder

Theory of massage


Waxing (Demo + 5 Practical)

Manicure (Demo + 5 Practical)

Pedicure (Demo + 5 Practical)

Bleach (2 each)

Brushing unit (Theory and Demo)

Clean up (Demo + 6 Practical)

Facials (Demo + 7 Practical)

Thermo herb facial (Demo + 3 Practical)

Fruit facial (1 Practical)

Oligodermie, Paris – product knowledge

Basic chemistry

Electrical science

Steamer and ozone

Lymphatic system

Brushing unit (theory and demo) (2)

Ultrasonic: theory and demo (2 machine practice + facial)

Vacuum: theory and demo (2 machine practice+ facial)

High frequency (theory and demo)

  1. a) Direct high frequency (2 machine practice + facial)
  2. b) Indirect high frequency (2 machine practice + facial) Galvanic (theory and demo)
  3. a) Iontophoresis (2 machine practice + facial)
  4. b) Desincrustataion (2 machine practice + facial)


Waxing (Liposoluble) (5)

Paraffin wax manicure and pedicure (1)

Remy laure-minero vegetal facial (1)