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Certificate Course in Personal Grooming (Head to Toe)

  • ISAS
  • Certificate Course in Personal Grooming (Head to Toe)
5 tips for keep your face away from anti aging

Certificate Course in Personal Grooming (Head to Toe)

ISAS International Beauty School Pune, Ahmedabad Provides all Certificate courses in the beauty domain. ISAS Students also get career guidance and student discount on beauty products even after completion of the course.

Certificate course in personal grooming makes student ready for beauty events and also make independent to start their own beauty parlor and makeup service. Personal grooming is important in today’s era as it makes one feel more confident in his corporate, day-to-day, and traditional approach.

Course Description:

This certification is designed to hone the skills needed to understand and appreciate the appropriate style of self-presentation. Students will be enabled to explore their individual styles whilst understanding the importance of making a flawless first impression on any occasion. As a result, you will gain improved self-confidence which is an essential life skill for future success.


Course Content:

Theory – Skin & Hair Analysis

Tips on skin & Haircare


Looks –

1) Corporate Look (Sheer / Day Self) with ironing.

2) Cocktail Party (Evening Party) with Tong

3) Traditional Look – with Saree draping and messy bun.


1) Self Cleanup.

2) Self Waxing

3) Self Manicure and Pedicure.