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Sampa Zangpo


Sampa Zangpo

This is Sampa Zangpo, i am from Bhutan currently working with Shangri-La Hotel &

Resorts in Maldives. I had specially come to ISAS after evaluating lot of institutes to

learn VTCT-UK Level 4 Diploma in Salon & Spa Management. Although I am responsible for all the

manager related tasks over at my work, I learned so many new concepts about management at ISAS. It’s a very enlightening which I applied immediately & impressed the higher management. I feel so comfortable

to take entire responsibility & charge of spa. ISAS is a truly International

School where knowledge resides and I would love to give them 100% excellent rating for the course

faculties, staff and in fact whole ISAS Team. I will recommend each and every aspiring salon/spa manager & am sure you will learn a lot. Please come and learn at ISAS. Thank you ISAS, really Appreciate